Afro hair not growing? Here's what to do!

Do you feel like your frizzy hair always stays the same length regardless of care? Growing them, mission impossible? Maybe you even think they've reached their maximum length. Take a look at our tips to find out what it really is.

What makes afro hair grow?

It's simply in the DNA! Unless there is a specific genetic condition, our hair grows all the time every day, reaching up to 1 cm per month. We also have hair that falls every day (up to 150), and it's completely normal: it's the hair growth cycle.

In addition, hormones, diet or health play an important role in the state of hair growth or hair loss. Are you a pregnant woman? You might see aboosthair growth due to pregnancy hormones! Conversely, if you have been under intense stress, have a medical condition or vitamin deficiencies, this could explain your increased hair loss (alopecia).

In general, the best way to see a nice progression in your hair growth is to make sure you have a healthy lifestyle. Awesome isn't it!

So why does it feel like your hair never grows?

Try length retention

The real problem with frizzy hair that "doesn't grow" is rather the breakage of the ends. If you've been stuck at the same length for more than 6 months, consider the following tips.

Tip #1: leave your hair alone

Excessive manipulation is the number 1 enemy of Afro hair, because this type of hair is already very fragile. Avoid brushing, combing or pulling your hair every day: you will see that it breaks much less.

Set a routine with hairstyles and gestures that don't need to be repeated every day (except for a few light touch-ups).

Tip #2: bet on flexibility

The drier the hair, the harder, "untameable" and brittle it is. There is no other way to make them softer than deep moisturizers , homemade or chosen from our store.

Why? Because moisturizers (water, aloe, honey), combined with vegetable fats (oils and butters) and vegetable proteins, work together to penetrate the hair fiber, hydrate it from the inside, nourish it and strengthen it!

Result: stronger but also more flexible hair, which will be easily combed without breaking.

Tip #3: take care of your tips

Did you know that damaged and split ends can break 0.5cm, 1cm and even 2cm per month? When you think you've gained 1cm in growth, it's frustrating to lose half or double that due to dry ends!

If you have a lot of knots and split ends, start by resetting the counters by doing a good spike cut, as split ends don't repair. It's painful, but necessary! Afterwards, take care of your ends by keeping them hydrated, using amoisturizing cream butter and a sealant for example.

Tip #4: stimulate the roots

Growth is programmed into the DNA, but that doesn't mean we can't stimulate it. Attention: we are not talking about accelerating growth, but about helping the hair to be already resistant when it comes out of the scalp.

Scalp massages improve blood circulation and nourish the hair bulb. The use of a serum concentrated in fortifying active ingredients also makes it possible to strengthen the hair fiber at the base. Finally, keeping a clean scalp allows the stem to come out freely without being choked by bacteria and fungus.

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Tip #5: be consistent and patient

Patience is essential to see the progress of hair growth. Gaining an extra centimeter or two is difficult to see with the naked eye, especially on very curly hair! So take a few months to see the improvement in length retention, and be sure to measure it objectively.

But above all, be consistent in your care. There's no point trying hard for a week and then leaving your hair on its own for six months!

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Esther Nelsa

Esther Nelsa

2 Responses

Julie Boccovi

Julie Boccovi

November 09, 2020

L’article est vraiment bien écrit et les conseils sont intéressants Je vais maintenant m’efforcer de les appliquer
Merci !



November 09, 2020

Tout d abord, je vous félicite pour votre intérêt à revaloriser les cheveux naturels.
Puis je savoir si vous avez une boutique à Montréal ?
Merci .

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