I'm discouraged, my child's hair is still dry despite all the products I put on him...

STOP to start your child does not need a lot of hair care products. Often the problem is the frequency and the steps of use of the products which cause problem.

So, on your hair wash day, you should start by washing your hair with moisturizing shampoo , then apply leave-in conditioner also called ''Leave-In Conditioner' ' in order to proceed to the styling stage.

The ideal is to have a hairstyle for the week, it greatly facilitates mom's time which is precious!

To make the desired hairstyle use the styling product , which will allow the hydration of the hair to remain.

By applying this routine every 7 to 10 days, your child's hair will be easier to comb and will become less and less dry.

Aya soins naturels

Aya soins naturels

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