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Microfiber Hair Towel


Product Description


ROYALTY Microfiber Hair Towel!

Softer than cotton, this microfiber hair towel is specifically designed for our afro hair. Composed of polyester (85%) and polyamide (15%), it greatly reduces friction between hair during drying. They glide smoothly over the strands and do not disturb the natural pattern of the curls. It absorbs water more easily while maintaining an adequate level of moisture for our hair.

How to use it

Right after washing your hair, stand over the sink or tub and gently squeeze your hair with your hands. This should remove some of the excess moisture. Once your hair is no longer wet, grab your microfiber towel. Instead of rubbing your hair dry, simply wrap your hair in the towel and place it in place on your head. This should be enough for drying.

Grey: Normal size, 25 cm x 65 cm (approx. 10" x 25.5")
Orange: Size small, 21 cm x 58 cm (approx. 8" x 23")

How to Use

  • Après avoir lavé les cheveux, placez-vous au-dessus du lavabo ou de la baignoire et pressez doucement vos cheveux avec vos mains. 
  • Une fois que vos cheveux ne sont plus mouillés, prenez votre serviette en microfibre. 
  • Au lieu de frotter vos cheveux pour les sécher, enveloppez simplement vos cheveux dans la serviette et placez-les en place sur votre tête. 

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