Launch of the #1 natural line for children with Afro hair in Canada

"Improving self-esteem one curl at a time"

Royalty Natural is launching the very first line of natural products for children with afro hair in Canada. A dream for the two founders who are expanding their service offering by marketing products adapted to coily, curly and wavy hair for toddlers. Created to help moms and their kids take care of their hair, this new 95% natural line with fruity scents of papaya, plum and apricot includes a detangling shampoo, moisturizer and styling gel.

Tested and approved by little sweeties and their moms, Royalty Natural products for kids are gentle on the eyes and skin, detangling and moisturizing for the hair. This unique line is designed to ease little ones’ washing experience and thus bring them to appreciate their curly crowns. "Improving self-esteem one curl at a time" With the launch of this new line, Royalty Natural wants to, not only facilitate hair care, but also contribute to the self-esteem of Afro-descendants by appreciating the value of their hair and demystifying the prejudices associated with this hair type.

In fact, the results of an American study show that 53% of mothers say that their daughters have experienced hair discrimination based on race as early as age 5. (Down CROWN 2019). Johnson, T.A. and Bankhead, T. (2014), on the other hand, assert that the identities of  women and girls of African descent are inextricably linked to their relationship and representation of their hair.

Royalty Natural President Schamma Rosidor, a victim of discrimination at a young age because of her short, coily hair and physical appearance, recalls the feeling of rejection she experienced for many years, "I was called poopy-head growing up, as a teenager, I wanted to stay hidden behind everyone." Today at the head of a beauty company for women, she contributes, through her social mission, with her business partner, Fabiola Fleurimar, to destroying the taboos and prejudices related to afros hair.

"When my daughters receive negative comments about the natural state of their crowns, I teach them to assert themselves and to celebrate what they have. They need to love themselves first and not please others," says Fabiola Fleurimar, co-founder and customer service director. Through its new products and online presence, Royalty Natural wants to inspire and create a space for mothers and their children to embrace the uniqueness of their natural hair.

"We want to accompany parents and beauty professionals to understand the diversity and uniqueness of Afro hair whether it is kinky, curly or wavy," says Schamma Rosidor." Tips and teaching and awareness capsules are offered free of charge on the company's various online platforms. At Royalty Natural, contributing to beauty is not only about taking care of your hair, it's also about enhancing your self-esteem.

Royalty Natural offers a complete family line of hair products specially designed for frizzy, curly and coily hair. It provides quality products made with premium ingredients, responsibly sourced. The products moisturize, nourish and strengthen moms’ and toddlers’ hair and are formulated with love.

Information: Schamma Rosidor, President. 


Schamma Rosidor

Schamma Rosidor

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