I have a hair care product business...


My alopecia areata was caused by STRESS.

No miracle products for me!

I felt ashamed. Couldn't look at myself, distraught and thinking how can I own Royalty Natural which offers high end hair care products and I COULD NOT KEEP MY HAIR HEALTHY😔! I was sure that by using my own products I would quickly have my crown back, but no! No miraculous effect against my alopecia!

Alopecia Areata: my case

So I did more research, and even took training course to become a hair loss specialist. That's when I realized that I was suffering from a form of alopecia called  areata. What is alopecia areata? It is a form of hair loss in patches, often caused by stress, exposure to chemicals such as relaxers, infectionor heredity. For my part, my alopecia areata is caused by stress! 


GET SOME HELP FIRST, before finding a miracle product!  I had to deal with my stress first and foremost: I had to change my lifestyle! More rest and exercise, a better nutrition are just a few new habits I had to start...however my hair wasn't growing back fast enough for me! My ends were still split! So I made the difficult decision to do the BIG CHOP!

Take care of your hair also

I needed to do it, for my health. Never felt so free, and invigorated! I needed this fresh start! I can now look at myself in the mirror again, see myself beautiful and finally regain my self-confidence! However, I have to keep a healthy hair care routine. That's when I took back my products and I've never seen my hair so healthy! I prepared a kit that helped me so much, and I'm sure it will help you - or help someone you know! So I decided to offer it at 15% off!

Hard to find good products for your hair?

Trust me, I've been there! I know the feeling and the exhaustion of trying so many different products! That's why I've developed this little quiz that will help you find out what kind of products you should use.