3 reasons why frizzy hair becomes dry and coarse - and the solutions!

Do you ever find yourself with hair so dry and unmanageable that it looks like you have bread on your head? Here are our tips for having supple hair at all times.

Why does frizzy hair become dry and coarse?

1. They are dehydrated

Hydration is THE key to healthy afro hair. It must be constant and adapted. It's normal to have dry hair from time to time, but if it's chronically dry, it's a sign that your method of moisturizing isn't working.

2. They are tangled

If they are left very often free (in afro), the ends mix so much that it creates knots, which gives a rigid and difficult to handle texture. The same thing also happens if you let your hair dry without detangling it after washing it.

3. It's a Cycle

I have found that dry, coarse hair is perpetuated by a cycle in people who experience it. They do a hairstyle that makes their hair dry repeatedly, get a treatment once every three months, are disappointed because their hair takes time to recover and therefore decide to put back the same hairstyle that makes their hair dry.

Is this your case?

Tips and care to soften dry and hard frizzy hair

Here are the solutions to find a malleable and pleasant hair to comb.

1. Use deep hydrating masks

It is the ideal treatment to prolong the elasticity of the hair and allow it to maintain suppleness over the long term. Use a maskregularly will prevent you from having the "bread" on your head. My secret is that I use a moisturizing mask at least once a month, which keeps my hair really stable all the time.

Deep hydrating masks contain ingredients that bring water to the hair, but they're mostly rich in humectants and emollients, which keep the water in the hair. In addition, their rich and oily texture is the desired aspect to make the hair malleable and easy to detangle.

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2. Keep hair detangled

I already talked about it in our banding tip. Keeping afro hair detangled and stretched reduces the appearance of tangles and ensures that you don't need to comb or brush it every day. Hair becomes much less dry and brittle if we tie it up or do a low manipulation hairstyle.

3. Break the cycle of harsh hair

Are you ready to break the cycle of dry, coarse hair? This requires consistency, patience, and you have to be observant in your actions and habits. First start by reviewing what are the reasons that cause your hair to be so hard, whether by the type of hairstyle adopted, the irregularity of care or manipulations.

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Esther Nelsa

Esther Nelsa

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October 18, 2022

Je voudrais savoir comment minimiser la casse de mes cheveux

 Cassandre St-Louis

Cassandre St-Louis

May 10, 2022

J’avais beaucoup de questions sur la porosité, la sécheresse aussi comment éviter la cassure. Merci beaucoup car avec la lecture j’ai trouvé toute mes réponses. Merci de nous aider à aimer le cadeau de notre créateur, nos cheveux crépus.



November 09, 2020


Moi j’ai les cheveux sec et fourchus. Je viens de couper les pointes et je fais bcp de traitement maisons qui n aide pas beaucoup.je voudrais un heure qui va les garder hydrate et astuces

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