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At Royalty, we strive to help and support you throughout your hair journey. Finding a suitable routine for curly or frizzy hair can be a journey full of pitfalls. We want to be part of your learning. That's why we created the Royal Way: a range of premium quality natural hair care and a personalized routine program.

Previously known as Ayacaona, we have changed our name to Royalty and have improved the formula of some of our products to ensure they meet your needs. Finding a routine that works for you will no longer be an obstacle course.

For Claudie, who began her transition to natural hair in 2014, finding the Ayacaona products now known as Royalty was like light at the end of the tunnel.

Claudie agreed to share with us how Ayacaona/Royalty products impacted her daily routine and helped her learn how to take care of her beautiful curls.

What was your experience with hair care before using Ayacaona ? 

Before it must be said that I really did anything. I didn't really have a routine; I washed my hair every two or three weeks with a conditioning shampoo. I was really desperate, so I decided to cut my hair in 2014 to go natural.

How did you take care of your hair after your Big Chop ? 

In the beginning, when they were short, it was really easy. I took my bath, I washed my hair, I went outside and my hair was beautiful. But when they started pushing again, it was hell. I thought about cutting them again, or perming them.

And what happened ? 

I've seen ads on Facebook talking about Ayacaona (now known as Royalty). There were several girls talking about these products. And then it was like "Aha". I tried them at the start of the pandemic, I believe it was March 2020.

Have you seen any hair change after using Ayacaona ? 

I could see that there really was a change. I have always had falls; genetics matter a lot. My hair has always been dry and brittle, really fragile, but Ayacaona products really helped me a lot, they saved our lives I would say, I'm not even exaggerating. Yes, I really like these products! My hair is healthier, healthier and so is my daughter's. I remember when I was doing my little girl's hair. When I tried to comb her, she ran all over the house, she screamed murder. I have a second daughter now, so all three of us are using the products, and it's going well, much better.

Claudie - Royalty Client

Credit: Claudie / client Royalty

Ayacaona became Royalty, how did you experience this brand name change?

I had been using Ayacaona products for over a year before the brand changed its name, so I was familiar with all the products. But I was worried after the change, I was afraid of getting lost. But the live events on Zoom really helped me. The two co-founders hosted two live events on Zoom after the rebranding. I was able to ask all my questions and they answered me, that also helped me. In addition, in all the posts they published on social media, they explained what had changed, DIGO is "it" now. For me it was easy, I don't know for the others, but for me it was easy.

Can you tell us about your care routine for frizzy hair ?  

My wash day starts with the moisturizing shampoo . Then I use the Intense Hydration Conditioner , leave it on my hair for ten to twenty minutes maximum and then rinse it out. After that, I apply the leave-in moisturizer of course, then I put the nourishing hair serum in my hair. Otherwise on weekdays, I put on the moisturizing spray every few days, then I put on a little oil. They stay beautiful for at least three weeks.

What is your favorite product in the range ? 

KAI Oil, now known as Nourishing Hair Serum, but the serum is definitely my favorite - it has helped me a lot. And then, I love its smell! For my daughters, it's the leave-in moisturizer .

Have you tried the newly reformulated Royalty products, how do you like them ? 

I've tried 3: the Nourishing Hair Serum , I love the smell here, oh my! Whipped shea butter . I almost want to make toast with it, it smells so good. The texture, my God, it's good! I find that the new formula is less heavy. I really love it. And of course the moisturizing hair spray .

These are the three products I use for Royalty. I will wait to finish the rest of the Ayacaona products I have to order more.

What do you think of your hair today, now that you have found your hair routine ? 

I feel happier, I like to do my hair. Before when I was doing my hair, oh my God... I was so lucky that my husband said to me "no, don't do that, don't do that". I thought so much about cutting them or perming them. Then he always said "no, your hair is beautiful, stay like that". It was hell ! It was really hell! It happened to me to be frustrated sometimes, there are days when it irritated me. But not anymore. Today, my hair is healthy. I notice that the texture of my hair has changed, because before it was curlier, more brittle. And, I really save time detangling my hair. Say 30-45 minutes before, 10 minutes now. I would say that's really the big change for me.

Credit: Claudie / client Royalty

What have you learned from using Royalty products ? 

Hydration! Now I know what it is to hydrate hair, before hydration for me was water. Now I moisturize my hair more, I take better care of it, I do masks, maybe two or three times a week, I put on the moisturizing spray , it helps a lot especially because sometimes I have dandruff, so putting a little oil and a little vape really helps.

Claudie, Royalty customer

What makes Royalty products so unique

There are many brands of curly hair products on the market, but few of them are specifically formulated for curly and frizzy hair. Our products are high-performance, based on natural ingredients and made in an eco-responsible way in our workshop in Montreal.

We offer personalized care routines that meet the needs of afro, curly and frizzy hair as well as support to help you achieve your hair goals.

Hair care routine for frizzy and curly hair Royalty


At Royalty, we want you to wear your crown, your hair with pride.

We want you to feel a lasting transformation when you use our products. And we want that to translate into a feeling of self-confidence and self-assurance that follows you wherever you go!

Discover our natural hair products for yourself and see the results on your hair!

Schamma Rosidor

Schamma Rosidor

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