How to stop having bald temples or alopecia after extensions?

Did you know that some hair loss is permanent if the root is too damaged? Fortunately, with prevention, this will not happen to you. Here's how to prevent and treat hair loss caused by traction alopecia .

Why are your temples sparse?

Do you often wear hairstyles with extensions ? They are very practical to let the hair rest or change your head. But these hairstyles, often called protective, can become destructive if we are not careful. And the first victims are the hair on your temples!

When hair is pulled out at the root, creating an area of ​​baldness, this is called traction alopecia . American researchers have established a strong association between hairstyles such asweaves (grafts or weaves) ,lace wigs , box braids and this form of alopecia in black women. This is not very surprising, since some of them repeatedly use this type of hairstyle or realize them in an inadequate way.

Traction alopecia mainly affects the temple hair because this part of Afro hair is very fragile and breaks easily. In addition, if the hair is very often pulled, torn and broken, the root becomes too damaged, and unfortunately the loss can be permanent. On straightened hair, the risk of alopecia is even greater! So how to avoid this?

How to Prevent Traction Alopecia

Hairstyles with extensions are the main cause of traction alopecia, especially when they are too tight and put constant pressure on the hairline. We therefore advise you to:

  • Avoid very tight braids and extensions at the hairline
  • Avoid very small extensions (piqué dropped for example)
  • Avoid extensions that are very heavy to wear
  • Do not frequently repeat the same hairstyles with extensions
  • Do not keep your extensions too long (max 1 month)
  • Avoid doing hairstyles with extensions on children
  • Avoid hairstyles where the hair is constantly brushed

As you will have understood, extensions should be used to protect your hair and not to destroy it, so use them in moderation!

How to cure traction alopecia

Although the ideal is to prevent, there are also solutions to treat sparse areas.

First of all, banish all aggressive manipulations (no extensions, no excessive brushing). There is no point in treating an area that continues to be weakened!

Then use a serum concentrated in active ingredients for hair regrowth. Our 3-in-1 hair oil is formulated specifically to exfoliate the scalp and provide strength, thickness, shine, nutrients, and vitamins to damaged, dry, and brittle hair.

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This serum must be massaged into the scalp to be effective, and massaging the scalp stimulates blood circulation, which nourishes the base of the hair. Warning: the use of a serum requires consistency to see the effect. Be sure to use it daily to improve your condition!

In conclusion, the best remedy to no longer suffer from balding temples is through good prevention, and then through good discipline when applying a treatment like a serum!

And have you ever suffered from traction alopecia?

Esther Nelsa

Esther Nelsa

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Mes Cheveux ont hâte de goûter à vos produits

Mes Cheveux ont hâte de goûter à vos produits

May 10, 2022

Mes cheveux cheveux ont très hâte de goûter à vos produits. Je vais commander ce duo



May 10, 2022


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