10 mistakes that make your afro hair dry and brittle

Despite all your efforts and the products used, your hair remains dry and dull. They are hard to handle and fall in handfuls. You never see them lengthen and you experience a hair disaster every day. But in reality, do you know why they react this way? Here are ten mistakes that are making your hair dry and brittle.

10. You're not using the right shampoo...or you're not using it enough!

Do you know that feeling when after shampooing your hair is super clean and feels “skwik-swkik” on your fingers? That's not really a good sign! Regular shampoos (with sulfate) strip the natural oils that lubricate hair, making it dry and brittle over time. On the other hand, don't let your hair accumulate dirt and product residue, because it also makes it dry and fragile!

  1. Try our sulphate-free moisturizing shampoo to gently wash your hair.
  2. Clean your hair thoroughly as needed with aclarifying shampooonce a month.

9. You're using the wrong conditioner...or no conditioner at all!

The role of a conditioner (or conditioner) is to rehydrate and nourish the hair. It conditions the hair thanks to emollient, moisturizing and humectant ingredients, which greatly facilitates the detangling stage. Without conditioner, the hair might not be supple and elastic enough.

  1. Choose a conditioner with a silicone-free formula like our Intense Hydration Conditioner .
  2. Choose a voucherleave-in conditionerto make detangling even easier.

8. You never moisturize your hair...or the wrong way!

One of the characteristics of frizzy and curly hair is to be drier than other types of hair. You can, however, keep your hair hydrated with hair milks, creams and sprays! Do not hesitate to use them a few times during the week to rehydrate your hair, emphasizing the ends and the lengths. What is important is to choose a product adapted to your type of hair, its porosity, its density and your environment.

  1. Try our aloe-based leave-in moisturizer
  2. Avoid keeping your hair free for a long time.
  3. Drink water regularly. Internal hydration is essential!

7. You never seal in moisture...or it's with the wrong products!

Sealing in moisture is simply trapping water and humectant ingredients on the hair fiber. If you only spray water on your hair, it will eventually evaporate. This may be one of the reasons why you feel like your hair stays dry even though you moisturize it every day! Instead of just spraying your hair, make sure the moisture stays in place by adding a sealant (oily) after using your moisturizer.

  1. Choose sealants and vegetable oil products(no synthetic oil).
  2. Oils and butters do not hydrate (they have 0% water). You absolutely need water or a humectant (which has the power to attract or retain water) to hydrate your hair.

6. You never do moisturizers...or you do way too much protein!

Deep hydrating masks are an effective way to revitalize thirsty curls. If your hair is constantly dry, incorporate a moisturizing mask into your routine once a week. Conversely, if you constantly use protein or Indian powder treatments, your hair could be hard and brittle. A good balance must be maintained between moisturizers and protein treatments.

  1. Try our Intense Hydration Conditioner .
  2. Do about two to three times as much moisturizing treatment as protein treatment (check out our protein hair mask ).

5. You constantly manipulate your hair...or never take care of the ends!

A big factor in hair breakage is constant handling. If you're used to styling your hair every day, doing a touch-up every night, or doing intricate hairstyles every week, do yourself a favor: make your life easier with a protective hairstyle (with or without an extension)! This lasts several days and protects your ends and your lengths.

On the other hand, if you let tangles and split ends spread through your hair, not only will your hair feel dry and rough, but it will be more brittle.

  1. Visit a hairdresser who specializes in curly hair about three times a year for a preventative trimming of your ends.
  2. Make hairstyles that protect your ends and that you handle little.

4. You use heat to stretch your hair...or you don't use protection!

Blow-drying or straightening is particularly interesting when you have very curly and frizzy hair because you instantly gain in length! But frequently using direct heat on the hair, especially without protecting it, makes it extremely dry and vulnerable. Not to mention that it can burn fragile hair and destroy curls permanently.

  1. Always use athermoprotective product like our 3-in-1 hair oil .
  2. Adopt methods to stretch your hair without heat, such as banding.
  3. Avoid going over the hair multiple times when straightening.

3. You color your hair often...and you don't maintain the color!

Bleaching is very destructive to the hair: it literally changes part of its internal structure and damages the cuticle. In the long run, the hair ends up breaking, especially if you do not take any special care to maintain your colored hair.

  1. Avoid at-home box colors if you have fragile hair.
  2. Make somerestorative careto keep your hair in good condition.
  3. Henna is a natural solution for coloring hair (but it cannot fade it).

2. You often wear extensions and wigs...and never take care of your real hair!

Extensions, weaves, wigs and other styles of hairstyles with additions are really useful sometimes! But sometimes we forget our real hair... Remember, if your hair is fragile, dry and in poor condition, hiding it and forgetting about it is not the magic formula to repair it! On the contrary, your hair will be even drier and you risk having alopecia and hair loss.

  1. Moisturize your hair with aspraywhen braided.
  2. Choose good quality wicks.
  3. Choose protective hairstyles that don't blend in with your hair, such as crochet braids.

1. You use relaxers...and you don't even know it!

For black women who relax, the #1 cause of breakage is... the relaxer itself! Even if the formula is 'mild', 'no lye', ' shea butter ' or 'for sensitive hair', it is extremely destructive to hair. If you think fabric softeners, texturizers or other products to relax your hair are less harmful, think again. They act on the same principle!

  1. Carefully analyze fabric softeners that claim to be natural before applying them.
  2. Avoid Brazilian or Japanese straightening.
  3. Space the hair straighteners as much as possible.

Did you recognize a mistake you were making? Let us know!

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