10 questions that all women with afro and curly hair ask themselves

We all know that having afro and curly hair is an experience that can bring together a lot of women, everywhere around the world. Their particular maintenance can require learning, especially because this type of hair is often ignored in the usual standards of beauty.

Here are questions that all women with curly and afro hair have asked themselves.

1. How do I speed up my hair growth?

The rate of hair growth is written in the DNA and can be influenced by hormones or health conditions. But there is no cosmetic product (that is applied externally) that accelerates hair growth. Masks or serums can help stimulate regrowth at the root and strengthen hair so it doesn't break, but they're not miracle products.

2. How do I curl my hair?

Many women have gone back to natural, imagining that they would have a very particular type of curls, very prominent on the Internet. When the reality is different, they are often disappointed and hunt for the gel that will give them curls that are different from their natural texture. But gels are more about defining what's already in place and eliminating frizz. If you have very tight curls and are looking for loose curls, for example, you should opt for temporary styling, such as twist-outs, braid-outs, bantu-knot-outs and others. And there, choose a styling productwho will have a good outfit!

3. What is my hair type?

It depends on which hair chart you are looking at. Types of hair style “3a, 4b”, etc. are arbitrary and not at all scientific! Moreover, the famous "4c" is an invention of the Internet. It can be useful to determine your type according to the chart that convinces you the most, but do not obsess over it: it does not indicate the health or beauty of your hair. Otherwise, you can consult our article onhair types to choose your products.

4. What product should I use for my hair?

It really depends on each person, their problem, their hair type, their budget, their preferences or even the season! There are essential products like shampoo, conditioner and hair cream. Afterwards, the rest ( mask ,serum , styling product , etc.) can be added to solve particular problems or achieve certain aesthetic results! The e-book Afro, curls, etc. by blogger Esther Nelsa gives you a pretty comprehensive guide to the types of products and how to use them.

5. How often should I wash my hair?

Again, it's up to each person, but don't forget that washing your hair is above all a question of hygiene. Yes, afro hair can be washed less often (example, once every 7-10 days), but that doesn't mean once a month only... Imagine, once a month equals once every 30 days!

6. How often should I trim my ends?

There are no rules cast in stone. It's really down to how fast your ends form knots and split ends. Generally every 4-6 months the tips may be due for a small trim. If you have huge tangles/splits a month or two after cutting, then ask yourself questions about how you handle and wear your hair.

7. Why is my hair always dry?

It's a bit the very nature of the Afro, and we will all have to experience certain episodes of capillary dryness. Winter is worse (and for others summer is worse). Dry hair is fragile but we are not powerless in front of it! There are plenty of products and tips to reduce the dryness of curls, such as deep moisturizing creams and masks .

8. How do I add volume to my hair?

Some people have naturally thick or dense hair, others don't. Sometimes volume loss is also caused by age or abuse. So you have to know first of all where the lack of volume comes from to provide the appropriate solution.

9. How to remove knots?

Knots are unfortunately unavoidable. The degree varies depending on how you wear your hair loose and how you style it. But because of the very shape of very curly hair, it's bound to get knotted sooner or later! It's best to keep your hair stretched . Try the banding technique to stretch your hair without heat.

10. Is my shrinkage normal?

Yes! This is a sign that your hair is bouncy and healthy and retaining moisture. It's a bit annoying at times so you can learn to live with it or get around it. See point 9 for how to stretch them without heat.

And you, do you have any other questions?

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