The brilliant virtues of aloe to hydrate curls and afro hair!

Aloe vera is ubiquitous in hair care to moisturize hair , strengthen it or treat dandruff. Why is this plant used so much in many medicinal and cosmetic traditions? Zoom on its benefits for afro hair and curls!

A naturally enriched moisturizer

Aloe stores water in its leaves: the weight of the plant is about 98% H2O. But it also contains a lot of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Aloe gel is the substance found in the center of a cut leaf. This is called mucilage, a plant material with a viscous consistency, which swells on contact with water. As water is the main constituent of aloe, this makes it an ally of choice when looking for a vitamin-boosted natural moisturizer and emollient!

Aloe for frizzy and curly hair

Since frizzy and curly hair tends to be dry, using aloe or products containing aloe is a must to hydrate thirsty curls. The gel is also great for refreshing and purifying the scalp, as it has a pH very close to the skin.

  • It moisturizes thanks to its strong aqueous composition
  • It strengthens the hair fiber thanks to its antioxidant components
  • It softens the hair and makes it easier to detangle thanks to its emollient action
  • It cleanses the scalp thanks to its antiseptic agents
  • It helps fight irritation and fungus thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties

Aloe is therefore very effective both on the scalp and on the hair.

In which products to give preference to aloe gel

As it is a moisturizing ingredient, it is very common to see it slipping into first or second position in products such as hair creams,leave-in conditioner , moisturizing masks, conditioners or gels.

When you see this ingredient appear at the top of the list of one of our products, you know that it's supposed to workmoisturizingon the hair, that is to say, to fill their need for water. It is best to use aloe-based products before applying an oil-based product or vegetable butters.

Our aloe products

A few care ideas with aloe

You can mix the gel with your own hair recipes or try one of these:

  • Aloe gel + honey + oil of your choice : to deeply hydrate
  • Aloe gel + apple cider vinegar:to cleanse the scalp
  • Aloe juice + bentonite clay : detox treatment

And you, have you tested the benefits of aloe?

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Esther Nelsa

Esther Nelsa

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