How to make the most of your afro during the summer?

Summer has finally arrived and it's time to let your afro and curls breathe! To make the most of the sun (and your hair), it's best to adjust your hair care. Here are our tips for adapting your routine to the summer!

Long live the afro in freedom... but protected!

We all want to wear our hair in afro or wash & go ! However, it is still important to protect them, as well as the tips, to avoid breakage (yes, it happens even in summer!)

With humid air, the hair shrinks quickly ( shrinkage ), which can tangle and cause knots. So think about hairstyles that keep them relaxed and untangled. Also avoid styling products with glycerin if your hair gets frizzy quickly from the humidity.

Hairstyles and styles to adopt

  • loose twists
  • Twists-out, braid-out, bantu knot-out and coils-out
  • Frohawk, puffs, double buns
  • Loop Definitions

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Watch out for UV rays on your hair!

Just like your skin needs sun protection, your hair also needs protection from UV rays. So don't forget the hats, scarves or even satin caps to protect your afro!

What to do with your hair at the pool and at the beach?

How to protect your hair from water full of salt or chlorine? The simplest solution is to put on a swimming cap. Ok, it's not very tempting to combine swimming cap and bikini...

The other solution is to saturate your hair with cool water before swimming, to prevent the hair from absorbing too much chlorinated or saline water. You could also put alayer of oil on your hair (if it is not a problem with pool water).

After swimming, rinse your hair thoroughly and if necessary, use a  co-wash to clean them quickly and gently.

Moisturize your hair lightly

Opt for lighter moisturizers so you don't weigh your curls down, like our hydrating hair spray or leave -in moisturizer .

Avoid applying very rich and thick oils (ex: castor), especially if you are going under the sun!

Even if there is humidity in the air, your hair needs to be deeply hydrated and nourished so as not to be weakened when the cold season returns. Make a  deep hydrating mask once a month: it only takes 20 minutes!

Go on a trip with your afro

Going on a trip? No need to carry around all your hair pharmacy! Get our small size sets (2oz) and free up space in your suitcase.

What are your tips for enjoying your beautiful hair during the summer?

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Esther Nelsa

Esther Nelsa

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