Our history

  • We are two entrepreneurial mothers who decided to conquer the natural hair products market for black women. We co-founded Royalty because we wanted women who use our products to feel confident, confident, and able to use our products easily.

  • The Royalty brand was designed to meet the needs of different hair types of black women whether wavy, curly, curly or frizzy. We offer all hair care, from shampoo to serum to cream butter. Our system includes number codes to help you build a simple routine.

  • For us, it was important to accompany you and help you find the right products according to your hair type and your hair problems. We have designed a quiz that allows you to get a personalized recommendation on the type of products you need in 2 minutes. And our dedicated team is available to answer your questions. Our mission: to give women confidence and promote their well-being.



Co-Founder & CEO


Schamma Rosidor has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Mother of four children, she runs a hair salon located in Laval. In March 2017, she and her childhood friend and associate Fabiola Fleurimar acquired the hair care brand Ayacaona. In three years, the company tripled its turnover and its distribution network. After several years of operation and investments in research and development (R&D), the two entrepreneurs decided to reposition the company to focus on education and the promotion of women and their natural hair. The Royalty brand is born.



Co-Founder & Customer Experience Director


A mother of three, Fabiola understands the importance of offering products and services that make women's lives easier while allowing them to take care of themselves. Fabiola was constantly on the lookout for products suitable for her hair type. Noting the few offers available on the Quebec market, she decided to make her own products with natural ingredients. Seeing the positive results with those around her, she acquired the Ayacaona brand with her partner Schamma. In 2021, Ayacaona becomes Royalty with the mission of giving women confidence and promoting their well-being.

real ones


Royalty favors unusual products, but how unique in quality and efficiency. We therefore select products that are out of the ordinary in the field of hair care such as broccoli oil and oat infusion. These ingredients have a really beneficial and specific effect on the type of frizzy and curly hair and solve their number one problem: hydration!


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